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4 October 2016 entral Asian Educators Learn From Each Other How To Live Together For A Sustainable Future
2 September 2016 Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education (CASIE) 2016
16 April 2016 Visual Design Contest on Freedom of Expression
4 April 2016 Aktobe region, Kazakhstan: Course on Media and Information Literacy for Librarians
16 October 2015 Sub-Regional Workshop on Global Citizenship Education in Central Asia
24 June 2015 Official Launch of the UNESCO Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report 2000-2015: achievements and challenges
18 June 2015 Education for Peace: basics and working approaches for ensuring ethnic and confessional consent
30 April 2015 The workshop "Prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco. Reducing violence, stigmatization and discrimination towards people living with HIV in educational institutions
7 April 2015 Sub-regional training workshop Education for Peace: approaches to teaching process and youth upbringing
30 March 2015 Nomination call for UNESCO-Hamdan Prize 2015-2016
10 March 2015 Education for Peace workshop
26 November 2014 Strengthening the role of school and teachers for peace and global citizenship education
11 October 2014 Kyrgyzstan: community media increased creative potential to improve access to information for the rural population
8 October 2014 Integration of Issues on Peacebuilding and Global Citizenship into Secondary Education Content
8 October 2014 Teaching Tolerance and Peacebuilding through Community Learning Centres